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How To Find Antiques Of The Future? (Home Storage)

Most people have heard of what appears to be very ordinary household objects being valued at multiples of their original value while gathering dust in the attic, but how do you find the Antiques of the future?

Top Tips for Christmas Storage at Home (Home Storage)

Some tips to help take the stress out of planning your Christmas and storing your decorations.

A Safe Haven in Times of Trouble (Home Storage)

It's not the nicest part of our business but often we get customers coming to us in distress. When you're home has been flooded, savaged by storms or left destroyed by pyrite it can seem like you've nowhere to turn to. It's not a nice place to be...

Renovate Your Home - Get More Space (Home Storage)

Doing up the house should not be so stressful. There is a better way, a way in which renovating and redecorating is as revitalising as it sounds. The graft is always worth it in the end but wouldn't it be so much better if it didn't have to feel like such hard work?

House Moving Made Easier (House Moving Articles)

Marriage and moving house – the two most stressful things in life but not necessarily in that order. U Store It can't help you when it comes to planning your wedding but we have had enough home- movers through our doors over the years to know a thing or two about changing address.